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Technology Can Help Cut Cost

Technology Can Help Cut Cost

How Technology Can Help Cut Cost

With Technology always evolving, we are always looking to implement technology into our business. One way we have recently managed to cut costs in our business is the use of Spotify and Bluetooth. This may seem minor to some? To us it is another way to pass saving on to our customers.

We have an old stereo system in our building and presently use Sirius for our music service. This is a monthly service charge. I have gone to a service called Spotify. I pay (personally) a monthly fee. This fee is quite a bit less than the Sirius service. I have more control over the music and its interruption free. I purchased a Bluetooth adaptor to connect to our existing stereo system and use an old iPad to connect, there we go! The adaptor was $35.

With all this said, another way to try to benefit our customers. These savings will be passed on to you. Our valued customers.

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